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Investigations & Detective Services

G.E. Investigations, LLC is a Licensed & Bonded, Full Service Private Investigation Agency.

We provide our professional services to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Glendale, all of Maricopa County and throughout the entire State of Arizona. We can and have provided our services nationwide & internationally (some restrictions apply).

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The President of G.E. Investigations, LLC is a former United States Marine & former court appointed criminal investigator working cases out of the Bronx Supreme Courthouse in New York City.

It should be noted that in his years of service, he has volunteered his time and expertise to various groups and professional organizations which included being former Vice President & former Sergeant at Arms of the Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators (AALPI), as well as the former Sergeant at Arms for the Professional Investigators Organization of Arizona (PIOA).

To this day he maintains current membership in numerous national & international investigative industry organizations and believes in the importance of continually training in new techniques / technologies to further hone his expertise.

This provides you, The Client, with a more educated and resourceful investigator to better assist in "Giving You... Just the Facts!"

The following are some of the services we can provide for Attorneys, Businesses, and Individuals:

Check out this helpful information if you are having trouble deciding on who to hire for you Investigative needs.

ATTENTION! Beware of the "INSTANT" Background Check
... Most of the "Background Check" web sites that you will find on the internet are nothing more than sites that automatically search through FREE public record sources or buy old outdated information and resell it to you at 25 times the cost. What they DO NOT do is to provide you with an "actual" back ground check. This is particularly true for the "Instant background check" companies. The results they give you: Fast but meaningless data or data that is comprised of information you likely already knew and they forget to tell you that there is little or no chance that their background check will find anything meaningful. These companies that sell information this way are not licensed private investigators and cannot provide you with the accuracy you require.

... INTERNATIONAL Background Checks can be conducted by operatives local to the region or area of over eighty (80) countries. While there are database companies available. The information and reliability is questionable at best.

Important Note:
... Obviously, criminal activity is a major concern to all of our clients. It is also important that you understand that criminal records within a background check must be done at a local level.


... If a company is offering this type of background check to you, and claims that they have created their own "national" criminal database, be wary because it is not reliable, accurate or complete and is ridiculous at best. Each State has different ways of recording criminal record information. Some have state-wide criminal record databases but most do not. Each court, at the city or county level, also has it's own unique way of recording criminal records and allowing the public access to them.

We are prepared to assist you in those times of Exigent Circumstance... When waiting, is not an option!

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